Ecology in a Rapidly Changing World

The fear and uncertainty of the consequences of a changing climate has permeated into every aspect of our global societies from governments developing mitigation laws to people altering their lifestyles and economic spending in an effort to be more environmentally conscious. However, for all the attention climate change receives in the modern era, our understanding of the direct and indirect effects of climate change on the environment, and in turn our own species, remains rather limited. Forests are a particularly important component for developing our understanding of the effects of climate change because they simultaneously are experiencing large-scale mortality and shifts in species composition under new climate regimes while also representing a potential mitigation pathway due to their ability to sequester carbon and feedback on climatic conditions. My research interests focus on understanding the mechanisms promoting the resistance and adaptation of tree species and forest communities to changing climatic variables (e.g. temperature and rainfall).

I am implementing my knowledge from 10 years of ecological research into developing a long-term functioning farm. This new land management project will integrate research objectives with landscape planning, farming and sustainable living. The objective is to not only use science as a way of informing management decisions but also to do it on a small budget while contributing to the local community. And, most importantly, I strive to enjoy the integration of knowledge pursuit and implementation! My website details my research projects, plans and outputs.